Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coming up on e4c

I really love 4Culture's video wall that you can only watch from the sidewalk. Even though they're inside, by placing the monitors to face out, they turn into this cool public art piece that showcases a rotating set of videos by artists such as Scott Groeniger, Kenny Schneider, David Kwan, Ann-Marie Stillion, Sabine Gruffat, Noah Klersfeld Laurel Beckman, Ann Oren, Tess Martin, Heather Dew Oaksen, Tina Aufiero and Stephen Hilyard. Beginning in April, two more artists will begin showing work at e4c.

Across Land and Sky (video still) by Tomiko Jones

Tomiko Jones will be showing Across Land and Sky along with snippets from Some Things You Cannot Forget. Jones says, “Insects stand-in for human activity in frenzied pursuit, while a moth in a decrepit state tries to free itself from the last thread of a spider web's hold. Set against the sky above, and the land below, these videos ruminate on a simple existence.”

Sur Face (Water) (video still) by Margot Quan Knight

Margot Quan Knight will be showing a group of video experiments called Sur Face, created during her 911 Seattle Media Arts Center residency last year. The videos will be of Margot examining her relationship with everyday objects like bubbles, windows, etc. Knight writes “I was thinking about two things: the relationship between an image and the object in the world that it is “of” (in this case my face), and the relationship between an image and the surface on which it appears. That surface, so necessary for the image’s existence, seems both fragile and impenetrable, a barrier and an opportunity."

Margot also has a new show of work at James Harris Gallery opening up on April 1st.

Updated 3/25: There's currently an open call for e4c submissions. Info here.

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