Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1st Thursday, March 2010

Untitled (August 26 & September 1, 1996) by Mary Henry

My picks for 1st Thursday are up over at City Arts Blog (CAB). Lots of good art this month.

And beginning next month, City Arts and Blue Moon will be sponsoring a fun post-1st Thursday party at local artist hangouts. The first one will be on Thursday, April 1st at the Hideout (naturally). The event will be hosted by me and the best part is that I get to hand out $500 cash to some deserving artist in the form of a new grant called the Best Of Artwalk Awards.

Each month, myself and 2 other judges I pick will check out the shows in Pioneer Square (or maybe Capitol Hill) and each pick our favorite piece. Then at the afterparty, the audience will vote for their favorite. Whoever you pick will win $500 cash - an unrestricted art grant! That artist will also receive a profile in a future issue of City Arts.

Also, whoever draws the best Blue Moon poster of the night will win $50. I think these will be a fun way to get together and celebrate art! I sure hope you'll join us.

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