Monday, February 22, 2010

The Vancouver Problem - continued

Last year Jen Graves wrote an article called The Vancouver Problem which basically suggested that Vancouver might have a better art scene than Seattle. From that, Scott Lawrimore hosted a panel discussion at Artklatch comprised of Jen Graves, Matthew Offenbacher, Regina Hackett and moderated by Eric Fredericksen. About 55 folks packed into the back room of Presse for this early morning talk. It was an interesting and spirited conversation.

Almost a year later, artist/Assistant Professor Elise Richman is revisiting the subject by organizing a forum called The Vancouver Problem: A Panel on Visual Art, Identity, Geography, and Discourse. Panelists include Jen Graves, Matthew Offenbacher, Rock Hushka, Liz Magor, Scott Watson and Jonathan Middleton.

Elise says, "They will begin a conversation that I hope will become a broader discussion involving members of the audience who are interested and actively involved in creating the visual arts culture in the Pacific Northwest."

When: March 8, 7:00 pm
Where: Schneebeck Concert Hall
Click here for directions


sharonA said...

Hmm interesting... I would like to see this issue resolved not just in talks though but in active engagement between artists between cities. That's the real question - we can talk about it all we like but how do we start the more physical aspect of the conversation? How do we get galleries and curators involved in cross-contamination without people in either cities feeling like we're getting in a turf war?

Maybe that's just me - I want to see action alongside the discourse...and that means I need to do something more than just talk/go see talks too.

Also, holy crap, Tacoma's getting a lot of visits from Seattle lately [grin]

sharonA said...

sorry for the bad grammar in that comment, my coffee is brewing as I type xD

Rule 1] don't blog or comment on blogs while drunk

Rule 2] don't blog or comment on blogs while uncaffeinated

Joey_Veltkamp said...

Hopefully this talk will promote action, too. I know the more it's discussed, the more I background process it.