Saturday, February 6, 2010

Parallel Universe / Grey Gallery

Francisco Guerrero and Joseph Park have put together a real interesting show opening up this Thursday at Grey Gallery.
"Parallel Universe is a compilation of never before exhibited works by a remarkable collection of contemporary artists in the forefront of the Northwest art scene. The works display facets of the creators that aren't generally associated with their usual oeuvre. They exhibit a parallel universe where artists push beyond the framework of their reputations and invite the viewer a glimpse at their process and studio practice."
I'm real excited to be a part of this show, especially since the other artists include Gretchen Bennett, Leo Berk, Dawn Cerny, Claire Cowie, Eric Elliot, Harrell Fletcher, Francisco Guerrero, Alfred Harris, Victoria Haven, Jenny Heishman, Jeffry Mitchell, Nicholas Nyland, Lead Pencil Studio, Matt Offenbacher, Joseph Park, Josef Vascovitz, Joey Veltkamp, Dan Webb, and Claude Zervas.

Reception: Thursday, Feb 11, 5-9pm


harold hollingsworth said...

very curious...I'm excited by this kind of idea quite a bit!

Strath said...

Hey Emily and I got there on the later side last night and missed you – but we both loved your piece!