Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Guard, Volume 5

Contemplation by Ronald Hall

Save the date because February's New Guard dinner is happening on Saturday (Feb 27) at 7pm. We'll be holding it at Fremont Abbey and have an amazing line up. To celebrate Black History Month, this dinner will be co-hosted by our friends Jennifer Petersen and DeVon Manier over at Sportn' Life Records. I'm real excited about this one - food by Sharrieff Austin, music by D.Black and art by Ronald L. Hall.

"in which we partner with our dear friends jennifer petersen and devon manier to celebrate black history. what the hell do we know about that? not nearly enough. so we hand over our wobbly little project to two of the strongest voices we know and, in turn, three brilliant artists.

jen takes over from here.

“sportn’ life records is proud to be part of the new guard for february in celebration of black history month. the african american culture is known for their soulful contribution to the art world. with a tendency to evoke emotions from our history ranging from love & pride of family -- to the struggles that make us who we are today. merging that passion into creativity and expression, you will see, feel, hear, and taste from the personal stories of the artists showcased here this month.”

sharrieff austin: born and raised in the central district to a family of thirteen, sharrieff found his voice in the kitchen, contributing to the family by creating meals at an early age. while studying culinary arts at syracuse, and under chef jemil johnson at la louisiana here in seattle, sharrieff fine-tuned his southern cuisine skills. chefing madrona’s beloved st. clouds since the doors first opened in 2000, sharrieff enters this year with a new catering project. is sportn life’s flagship artist. he arrived on the seattle music scene at age 15, and now at 22 is considered one of the northwest’s hip hop elite. with his national recognition growing, a new sound off his critically acclaimed CD “Ali’Yah” the sky’s the limit for d. black. his live performance is frank, captivating and full of commanding soul. his onstage presence emanates a maturity rarely found in artists his age.

ronald hall makes art from his daily experiences. many depict his life growing up in a crime-filled and violent neighborhood in pittsburg. ronald's art examines history through a contemporary filter. his gestures are bold and the colors are intoxicating. the beauty of ronald's paintings are in such contradiction with the stories they tell."


For tickets, send an email to thenewguard(at) The email just went out earlier today so hopefully there are still spaces but I wouldn't wait long.

Update: Unfortunately, we had to cancel this New Guard dinner.

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