Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Don't Blame You / Gretchen Bennett

Photo by Joel Kvernmo

I can't wait for SAM's upcoming Kurt exhibit (curated by Michael Darling) opening in May. Gretchen Bennett will have several of her gorgeous Kurt drawings in the show. For those of us that can't wait, she'll be debuting a piece called I Don't Blame You on March 3rd.

A love letter to Kurt, this new work continues Gretchen's exploration into video. As the title suggests, the piece is built around Cat Power's I Don't Blame You.

Gretchen really enjoyed the collaborative aspect of making the work. "Garek [Druss] recorded me singing and playing, Brant [Campbell] taught me to play the song on the piano, Steve [Zielke] helped me shoot the footage, Joel [Kvernmo] edited the piece, and Artist Trust gave me a gap."

I'd love to see Gretchen have a show at SAM Next.

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