Saturday, February 27, 2010

Be an advocate!

Time is running out! If bills don't get passed this session (2 weeks left), then 4Culture will be forced to start staff and funding cuts beginning as soon as January 2011.

Click here to find your Senator/Representative and write or call them! Here is a sample letter along with suggestions to personalize it to make it even stronger.

If you live in King County, you're probably already aware of all the great things 4Culture does for the region through grants, funding, preservation, public art and more.

They're holding Laptop Rallies (Pioneer Square, Georgetown) to get folks together to write letters and have fun.

Also, 4Culture has announced their show line-up: Erin Elyse Burns, James Cicatko, Andrew Fallat, Julia Freeman, Paul Komada, Ryan Molenkamp, Nicholas Reynolds (NKO) + Lars Bergquist + Dan Hawkins, Keeara Rhoades, Gregory Schaffer, Ben Waterman.

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