Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Artist Salons

It's been a while since the last Artist Salon but we've got the final three firmed up. I can't wait to see what these folks put together! And remember that these aren't just for artists - these are for ANYONE interested in art.

Dying Fawn (2009) by Gretchen Bennett

Gretchen Bennett just de-installed an amazing show at Howard House. She's preparing for an upcoming exhibit at The Gift Shop. She's an amazing artist/teacher/source of inspiration.

Tuesday, Feb 23, 6pm

little nude ii (2010) by Kimberly Trowbridge

Kimberly Trowbridge is an instructor at Gage Academy. She's starting a wonderful lecture series on color beginning Feb 8th. You can sign up for the whole series or just drop in for an evening.

Wednesday, March 3rd, 6pm

Installation (2008) by Katy Stone

Katy Stone creates beautiful art on painted mylar. She's currently in the Czech Republic where she just set up an installation in the attic of a 15th century castle.

Monday, March 8th, 6pm


Amanda said...

I cannot wait for ALL of these!

Joey Veltkamp said...

I know - me either! That's a lotta talent! I'll be so happy to see you there - you've been to all but one right?

harold hollingsworth said...

this is spring early!