Friday, February 19, 2010

Artist Salon 5 with Gretchen Bennett

Be (2010) by Gretchen Bennett

Even though I have no idea what Gretchen will be doing for this workshop, I couldn't be more excited. If you read this blog much, you already know that I think she's one of the best artists in the Northwest. I'm really happy she said yes to participating.

These workshops are open to everyone, not just artists.

Tuesday, Feb 23 at 6pm
Hunthausen Hall 040 (map)


Molo said...

Joey! I'm sad I'm going to miss this...when is the next one??

Joey Veltkamp said...

Hi Ryan!

Kimberly Trowbridge is Wednesday, March 3rd, 6pm and Katy Stone is Monday, March 8th, 6pm. I'm super excited for all three of these final salons. :)

Lucas Spivey said...

Twas a good one! Thanks for the cake and paint!

Julie Alexander said...

Hi Joey, Is the March 8th salon really open to anyone? I would love to come. What do I need to bring?

I have been seeing postings of these fantastic events on facebook but thought they were for a closed group. It is always good to ask.