Sunday, February 28, 2010

Art-Shaped Box

Portrait of Kurt Cobain (1995) by Elizabeth Peyton

Regina Hackett just published a great piece about the upcoming Kurt show in Modern Painters. You can read the article here and here are some show images.


Lucas Spivey said...

To be honest, I'm not really excited even in a little bit for this exhibit. The work by itself isn't compelling to me, it seems propped up by Kurt's ghost. I will probably end up at the exhibit, but only because I see every show at the SAM.

Couldn't they curate a show around a relatively unknown musician? And where the weight of the show was on the relevance and excitement of the work, instead of on the city's (perceived) idolatry of the name, Kurt?

What does this Jack Pierson piece have to do with Kurt?

Joey Veltkamp said...

Oh gosh I'm really excited about it. I think folks who live in Seattle have seen many of the pieces before (Gretchen, Charles, Alice) but I think something cool will happen when they're all in the same show. We'll see. I think Gretchen's video piece will be real subtle but powerful.

I think he did a piece called Kurt Cobain.

Lucas Spivey said...

I saw the piece by Jack Pierson, but it didn't seem to have anything to do with Kurt Cobain except it contained his name. I'm hoping this show has more depth than Pierson's piece.

Gretchen's work is relevant, as is Alice's, but I'm just skeptical of the sincerity of the show after I saw Pierson's piece. I guess I'll just have to see it when it opens.

Regina Hackett said...

Thank you for noting this, Joey. I didn't realize it had been published. Time to open my mail. Regina

Joey Veltkamp said...

Of course - I love your writing for Modern Painters. I also love that they put all their articles online - wish everyone could do that.