Sunday, February 28, 2010

Art-Shaped Box

Portrait of Kurt Cobain (1995) by Elizabeth Peyton

Regina Hackett just published a great piece about the upcoming Kurt show in Modern Painters. You can read the article here and here are some show images.

Dress Envy / Winston Wächter

dress by Tori Ellison

Winston Wächter is opening up a couple new shows this Wednesday (March 3): Dress Envy with work by James Allen, Georges Dambier, Tori Ellison, Jessica Craig-Martin,
Mielle Riggie, and Margeaux Walter and Pure Land by Christopher Reilly.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dawn Cerny

Owl Totem by Dawn Cerny

Dawn Cerny is showing some new and different work in a couple of places right now. Catch her brightly colored totem paintings at Grey Gallery & Lounge through April 2 as part of Parallel Universe.

Dawn is also showing a new piece called Irish wristwatch at Western Bridge. It opened last Friday and is up through next Saturday (March 6) - that's one week to check it out.

Be an advocate!

Time is running out! If bills don't get passed this session (2 weeks left), then 4Culture will be forced to start staff and funding cuts beginning as soon as January 2011.

Click here to find your Senator/Representative and write or call them! Here is a sample letter along with suggestions to personalize it to make it even stronger.

If you live in King County, you're probably already aware of all the great things 4Culture does for the region through grants, funding, preservation, public art and more.

They're holding Laptop Rallies (Pioneer Square, Georgetown) to get folks together to write letters and have fun.

Also, 4Culture has announced their show line-up: Erin Elyse Burns, James Cicatko, Andrew Fallat, Julia Freeman, Paul Komada, Ryan Molenkamp, Nicholas Reynolds (NKO) + Lars Bergquist + Dan Hawkins, Keeara Rhoades, Gregory Schaffer, Ben Waterman.

Recession Survival Tip

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Don't Blame You / Gretchen Bennett

Photo by Joel Kvernmo

I can't wait for SAM's upcoming Kurt exhibit (curated by Michael Darling) opening in May. Gretchen Bennett will have several of her gorgeous Kurt drawings in the show. For those of us that can't wait, she'll be debuting a piece called I Don't Blame You on March 3rd.

A love letter to Kurt, this new work continues Gretchen's exploration into video. As the title suggests, the piece is built around Cat Power's I Don't Blame You.

Gretchen really enjoyed the collaborative aspect of making the work. "Garek [Druss] recorded me singing and playing, Brant [Campbell] taught me to play the song on the piano, Steve [Zielke] helped me shoot the footage, Joel [Kvernmo] edited the piece, and Artist Trust gave me a gap."

I'd love to see Gretchen have a show at SAM Next.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Celebration?

Last night, Gretchen Bennett presented an artist salon inspired by Marc Camille Chaimowicz' installation Celebration? Realife. Instead of tea, we drank Pabst and sparkling water. Around 20 of us gathered around a table to draw disco balls for a scatter installation. Gretchen set up lights with colored gels and had competing (harmonious?) iPods playing random music.

Riffing on an earlier salon, Gretchen started a painting that the group added to. In between painting and disco-ball making, we served Gretchen's homemade chocolate cake. Lots of social interaction was had and Gretchen did a great job setting the stage for a fun evening.

Only two more artist salons left! I'm so bummed - these have been some of my favorite parts of the residency. Next up - Kimberly Trowbridge on Wednesday, March 3rd, 6pm. Katy Stone is the final salon on Monday, March 8th, 6pm.

Full flickr set here.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Third Thursday

Update: Okay, Jason IS having an opening tonight. You should go! It's also his birthday. :)

Update: Sorry for any confusion, but there aren't opening receptions for these shows this Thurday. I don't know what I thinking - I blame the cold meds. But they're still awesome shows you should check out.

are you an illusion (Hirata), 2010 by Jason Hirata
Sweat and pigment on paper, 11 3/8" x 14 1/2"

I've really been looking forward to Jason Hirata's upcoming show at James Harris Gallery. I picked it as my top show for March's NOW section in City Arts Magazine. I just really like what he's doing. He, along with frequent collaborator Sol Hashemi, has injected Seattle with a fun, new energy. Plus, I think it's hilarious that he got Jim to jump rope and sweat - on camera.

Also at JHG, Alexander Kroll's amazing paintings.

Eidophusikon (2009) by Michael Schall
graphite on paper, 22 x 30 inches

Michael Schall returns to Platform Gallery with a new show of mind-blowing drawings. What some people can do with graphite! The title of the show, firefall, references an old tradition at Yosemite National Park of throwing burning embers over a cliff into the valley 1,700 feet below creating a waterfall of fire. The practice was stopped in 1872.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Vancouver Problem - continued

Last year Jen Graves wrote an article called The Vancouver Problem which basically suggested that Vancouver might have a better art scene than Seattle. From that, Scott Lawrimore hosted a panel discussion at Artklatch comprised of Jen Graves, Matthew Offenbacher, Regina Hackett and moderated by Eric Fredericksen. About 55 folks packed into the back room of Presse for this early morning talk. It was an interesting and spirited conversation.

Almost a year later, artist/Assistant Professor Elise Richman is revisiting the subject by organizing a forum called The Vancouver Problem: A Panel on Visual Art, Identity, Geography, and Discourse. Panelists include Jen Graves, Matthew Offenbacher, Rock Hushka, Liz Magor, Scott Watson and Jonathan Middleton.

Elise says, "They will begin a conversation that I hope will become a broader discussion involving members of the audience who are interested and actively involved in creating the visual arts culture in the Pacific Northwest."

When: March 8, 7:00 pm
Where: Schneebeck Concert Hall
Click here for directions

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Off the Map / Kirkland Arts Center

Maya Lin, Silver River, 2006, Cast silver, 28” x 20”
From the Collection of Greg Kucera and Larry Yocom
Photo: Walla Walla Foundry

The more I look at these images, the more excited I get to see this show. Curator Jill Hardy and artists Claude Zervas and Lize Mogel will be participating in a lecture next Friday (7pm) at the Henry. $5 for non-members.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Artist Salon 5 with Gretchen Bennett

Be (2010) by Gretchen Bennett

Even though I have no idea what Gretchen will be doing for this workshop, I couldn't be more excited. If you read this blog much, you already know that I think she's one of the best artists in the Northwest. I'm really happy she said yes to participating.

These workshops are open to everyone, not just artists.

Tuesday, Feb 23 at 6pm
Hunthausen Hall 040 (map)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Guard, Volume 5

Contemplation by Ronald Hall

Save the date because February's New Guard dinner is happening on Saturday (Feb 27) at 7pm. We'll be holding it at Fremont Abbey and have an amazing line up. To celebrate Black History Month, this dinner will be co-hosted by our friends Jennifer Petersen and DeVon Manier over at Sportn' Life Records. I'm real excited about this one - food by Sharrieff Austin, music by D.Black and art by Ronald L. Hall.

"in which we partner with our dear friends jennifer petersen and devon manier to celebrate black history. what the hell do we know about that? not nearly enough. so we hand over our wobbly little project to two of the strongest voices we know and, in turn, three brilliant artists.

jen takes over from here.

“sportn’ life records is proud to be part of the new guard for february in celebration of black history month. the african american culture is known for their soulful contribution to the art world. with a tendency to evoke emotions from our history ranging from love & pride of family -- to the struggles that make us who we are today. merging that passion into creativity and expression, you will see, feel, hear, and taste from the personal stories of the artists showcased here this month.”

sharrieff austin: born and raised in the central district to a family of thirteen, sharrieff found his voice in the kitchen, contributing to the family by creating meals at an early age. while studying culinary arts at syracuse, and under chef jemil johnson at la louisiana here in seattle, sharrieff fine-tuned his southern cuisine skills. chefing madrona’s beloved st. clouds since the doors first opened in 2000, sharrieff enters this year with a new catering project. is sportn life’s flagship artist. he arrived on the seattle music scene at age 15, and now at 22 is considered one of the northwest’s hip hop elite. with his national recognition growing, a new sound off his critically acclaimed CD “Ali’Yah” the sky’s the limit for d. black. his live performance is frank, captivating and full of commanding soul. his onstage presence emanates a maturity rarely found in artists his age.

ronald hall makes art from his daily experiences. many depict his life growing up in a crime-filled and violent neighborhood in pittsburg. ronald's art examines history through a contemporary filter. his gestures are bold and the colors are intoxicating. the beauty of ronald's paintings are in such contradiction with the stories they tell."


For tickets, send an email to thenewguard(at) The email just went out earlier today so hopefully there are still spaces but I wouldn't wait long.

Update: Unfortunately, we had to cancel this New Guard dinner.

Two paws up!

Got back home just in time for all the beautiful weather. Holy cow Seattle - well done!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Open at 6am"

Oh gawd! As the sign indicates, I might be out of commission for tomorrow but look for regular blogging by Thursday. Full set of pics from the trip here.
Happy Fat Tuesday!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mardi Gras!

Sorry I'm so quiet. Been visiting some old friends for Mardi Gras.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


My buddy Matt took a cool video of a 30 foot building being blown up. Reminded me of watching them implode the Kingdome.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Things to do

If you're craving a lecture, head over to Lawrimore Project at noon. There will be an informal talk with Wet & Leatherhard artists Doug Jeck, Wynne Greenwood and Ben Waterman, along with curator Susie J. Lee.

image via A&R

And if you're looking for something good to check out tonight, swing on by Ambach & Rice for the opening of Alon Levin's Art for the Masses.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Parallel Universe recap

Nicholas Nyland & Eric Elliot | Alfred Harris (1977)

Okay, I know I'm biased but I love this show. Joe and Franc have done a great job of choosing work that's really divergent from what we usually see by the artists.

Swing by and check it out. If I could afford it, I'd buy just about everything in the show!

Friends of the Nib / Vermillion

My goodness! LIke Amanda said, "Second Thursday is the new First Thursday." If you're on the hill for Blitz tonight, make sure to check out Friends of the Nib at Vermillion. They'll be previewing some of the artwork from an upcoming playing card set.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Outside the Time Zone - Seattle

by Chris Burnside

New York based organization Outside the Time Zone will be opening a new show this Thursday at Kymata project Space. It will include work by Chris Burnside, Garek Druss, Ben Needham and Adam Taye.

This will be OTZ's first show outside of New York City. They chose Seattle to host the first show because the "exhibited artists and the curators have intimate connections with the Emerald City and the Northwest."

Opening reception tomorrow from 6-8pm.

340 15th Ave. E Suite 305, Seattle, WA
206 683 9484
T - Sa, 10 am - 6 pm
February 11 - March 14, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

New artists / SOIL

I think most folks have already heard but SOIL has just accepted ten new members. They also have a call out for shows. Applications are due by 5pm on Friday, Feb 13th.

In Place, May 2006: South Carolina Beach 4
10” x 13”, Oil on Paper, 2006

Boner (detail) 2008, 50" x 32"
Acrylic, spray paint and correction fluid on cut paper

Submersible, 47 x 52, 2008
ink, acrylic and Liquid Paper on paper

sacre cour (2008), 8.5" x 12”
acrylic ink on paper, brooch, fire

World One Overview (2009)
acrylic on canvas, 48 x 60 inches

Group | archival inkjet print | 2007

bloom 2 (2007), 22"x19"x6"
brass, steel, wood, clock parts
Kirk Lang

the unexpected momentum of small things in a space occupied by other small (and relatively large) objects
installation with handmade paper, sewn and cut felt, motion sensor activated video projection and sound

Pink Tiger (2009), 36"x36"

Art on Thursday

In addition to Joe & Franc's Parallel Universe show, there is lots of other art to see this Thursday.

Pakistan and the Indus River (2007) by Matthew Picton
Image courtesy of Howard House.

Over at Kirkland Art Center, Jill Hardy presents Off the Map as part of her thesis for UW's Museology Graduate Program. Artists include Scott Bailey, Liz Hickok, Maya Lin, Matthew Picton, Jane Tsong, Claude Zervas, Hugo Solis and Bruce Hemingway.
"What is it that is so intriguing about maps? Their ability to reveal what is too large to see, or too abstract to perceive is a nearly universal source of wonderment. Even though cartography is typically thought of as an objective, scientific process, the ability to exclude or display information reveals the inherent subjectivity associated with map-making."
Reception: 6-8:30pm

image by Warrren Dykeman

Chris Crite's has put together a show around the theme of BAD WORDS for Twilight Artist Collective.
"There is really nothing wrong with a word. It can't harm anyone literally, but again, the human mind can take words very seriously at times and can create its own damage from them. Despite all that, they can come in handy and express things good words just can't. This show is intended to be an examination of words that could be construed as "bad"."
Reception from 6-9pm.

Leotards by Rosa Lazzarini

What Comes Out by Rosa Lazzarini opens up at Joe Bar. The show was curated by Sierra Stinson who has a piece up in the BAD WORDS show.
“A mouth opens and hidden things emerge. The wider a mouth opens, the more intense and primitive the emission and the more the animal side is revealed. People usually try to hide and deny their feelings and instincts. This is not true for animals, who don't deny feelings and don't ignore their bodies and instincts."
Reception: 6-9pm

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Beautiful Forms of Utility & Extinction

Pump Jacks by Jed Dunkerley

Artist Jed Dunkerley has a show of 16 new gouache and pencil drawings at Street Bean Espresso in Belltown
"...As a kid, I had it for trucks and construction equipment, then warplanes...amoral. Beautiful, designed objects...questionably useful things....furiously loud...exceedingly chromatic smog sunset, how we can appreciate something appalling and dystopic as long as it looks good."
The show is up through mid March. The reception will be Friday, March 5th (7-9pm).

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Parallel Universe / Grey Gallery

Francisco Guerrero and Joseph Park have put together a real interesting show opening up this Thursday at Grey Gallery.
"Parallel Universe is a compilation of never before exhibited works by a remarkable collection of contemporary artists in the forefront of the Northwest art scene. The works display facets of the creators that aren't generally associated with their usual oeuvre. They exhibit a parallel universe where artists push beyond the framework of their reputations and invite the viewer a glimpse at their process and studio practice."
I'm real excited to be a part of this show, especially since the other artists include Gretchen Bennett, Leo Berk, Dawn Cerny, Claire Cowie, Eric Elliot, Harrell Fletcher, Francisco Guerrero, Alfred Harris, Victoria Haven, Jenny Heishman, Jeffry Mitchell, Nicholas Nyland, Lead Pencil Studio, Matt Offenbacher, Joseph Park, Josef Vascovitz, Joey Veltkamp, Dan Webb, and Claude Zervas.

Reception: Thursday, Feb 11, 5-9pm

Friday, February 5, 2010

Witt Winter Garden Tours

via Jim Demetre

Art critic, horticulturalist and all around nice guy Jim Demetre is giving his annual Witt Winter Garden Tours. These sound amazing to me! And where else are you going to be hear people say things like? "Garrya x issaquahensis 'Carl English' ...This is a rarely seen variety named for the famed Army Corps of Engineers horticulturalist who for 43 years designed and built the botanical garden at the Hiram S. Chittenden Locks in Ballard."

Meet at the Visitor Center at 10am on Sat/Sun.

Ryan Pierce

Rooster by Ryan Pierce

I saw some nice paintings by Ryan Pierce last night at SOIL. I hadn't seen his work before but it's real good. He shows at Elizabeth Leach in Portland.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shred your valentines

early Dawn Cerny

On Saturday (Feb 13), spend an afternoon in the park with artist Dawn Cerny. Shred your embarrassing Valentine moments and SAM will turn them into compost for OSP.

Bury Your Secrets in a Sculpture Park (Where No One Can Touch Them)
Saturday (Feb 13) from 2-4 pm in the Alvord Art Lab
Tickets: $10-$20 / 206.654.3121.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Guard Artists

Jason Hirata, Gala Bent, Troy Gua, Amanda Manitach
Photos by Daniel Carrillo for The Stranger

Jen Graves just published a piece in The Stranger about the first four New Guard artists. We're working on February's dinner (Feb 27 / Fremont Abbey) so if you want to attend, sign up here to get on the mailing list.

First Thursday, February 2010

Geometric Invention No. 1 by Mary Henry (via)

My First Thursday picks are up over at The CAB. Also, I'm compiling my visual arts recommendations for the "Now" section of their March issue so if you know of any great shows coming up next month, shoot me an email with the info.

Regina's list here.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Artist Salons

It's been a while since the last Artist Salon but we've got the final three firmed up. I can't wait to see what these folks put together! And remember that these aren't just for artists - these are for ANYONE interested in art.

Dying Fawn (2009) by Gretchen Bennett

Gretchen Bennett just de-installed an amazing show at Howard House. She's preparing for an upcoming exhibit at The Gift Shop. She's an amazing artist/teacher/source of inspiration.

Tuesday, Feb 23, 6pm

little nude ii (2010) by Kimberly Trowbridge

Kimberly Trowbridge is an instructor at Gage Academy. She's starting a wonderful lecture series on color beginning Feb 8th. You can sign up for the whole series or just drop in for an evening.

Wednesday, March 3rd, 6pm

Installation (2008) by Katy Stone

Katy Stone creates beautiful art on painted mylar. She's currently in the Czech Republic where she just set up an installation in the attic of a 15th century castle.

Monday, March 8th, 6pm

Monday, February 1, 2010

It Will (Never) Get Better

It Will (Never) Get Better, 2007 by Jennifer Zwick

I've always loved this piece by Jennifer Zwick. Depending on how you're feeling, you can turn the word 'never' on or off. It was recently included in a juried show at PUNCH Gallery called You Become Your Thoughts where it won the People's Choice Award.

Mandy Greer / OHGE Ltd.

Smeoruwige by Mandy Greer
Photo by Paul Margolis (via)

As I compile my First Thursday list for City Arts Blog, I just can't quit coming back to this photo. It's from Mandy Greer's upcoming show at OHGE, Ltd. titled Zuster Sweostor Systir. She looks like some kind of prairie goddess or beautiful owl-spirit.