Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sarah Jurado Photography

Do Not Disturb by Sarah Jurado

Just wanted to shine a spotlight on one of my favorite new people that I met last year - Sarah Jurado. She has an amazing ability to transform everyday moments into something beautiful. What's most amazing to me is her range - she can do rock shows, food, fashion, people, pets, nature, weddings - anything. Where she really succeeds is capturing tender moments.

Wild Orchid Children by Sarah Jurado

Sarah, along with her husband Damien Jurado, are the music curators for our New Guard project. Here's her flickr set and a blog entry from our most recent dinner.

me, Jason Hirata, Sol Hashemi


julie h said...

yay! Sarah is so rad!

Joey Veltkamp said...

for real! i don't know what i like more - sarah or her awesome photos! okay - it's sarah, but you get the idea!