Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Guard, Volume IV

art by Jason Hirata

Last night was another wonderful evening of art, food and music in the form of The New Guard, Volume 4. Everything went great but one vital thing was missing - Whitney. Due to unpreventable circumstances, she couldn't be there. I'd like to thank Kim, Maggie, Hannah and Mike (and many more!) for stepping up to help make this a success. Visual artist Jason Hirata, chef Josh Henderson (Skillet) and Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground fed and entertained 70 guests by candlelight at Sole Repair.

With his Airstreamer parked right outside, Josh was able to make an amazing meal.

To begin: Crostini, local squashes, chilies, lemon zest, first press olive oil
Roughage: Cucumbers, mussels, mint, baby greens, watercress, grilled fennel, cucumber grapefruit vinaigrette
Substance: Coriander braised duck leg, picholine, heirloom carrots, cous cous, chickpeas
Sweet: Star anise Ginger cake, coconut, spiced pistachio brittle, persimmon pear jam

Mmm...especially that duck!

After dinner, Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground filled the room with beautiful music. I kept hearing people say things like, "OMG - horns!". I think these nights become really magical when the musicians begin to play. I couldn't get the whole band in the picture but they're a large group, usually 10+ members.

Sol Hashemi and Jason Hirata draw
(not shown Amanda Manitach, Damon Mori)

Artist Jason Hirata hung six, large new pieces (photographics prints with paint). I love them! I'm not sure everyone got them right away but if they were hung in a gallery (like his upcoming show at James Harris Gallery), their merit would be even more obvious. People seemed to really enjoy them. As the art curator, I'm sure I'm partial but they were the highlight of the evening for me.

Thanks to everyone who came out!


Kelli Russell Agodon - Book of Kells said...

The New Guard events are so inspiring to me. Thanks for sharing them, esp. the pics!

Virginia Broersma said...

These events sound so great- I am VERY jealous as we don't have anything like it in Chicago. What a great way to connect creatives from various fields!