Thursday, January 21, 2010

Moonlight Requisition / Intellectual Property

The fourth installment of the Gift Shop project opens up tomorrow. Moonlight Requisition contains work by Debra Baxter, Margot Quan Knight and Matthew Offenbacher. While they have "No pretense to a significant event occurring.", with a big communal sink (with homemade soap), gum sculpture, a make-out room, and "fake roses - sticky nostalgia", something good is going on!

Matt is also participating in Yoko Ott's final exhibition for Hedreen Gallery, Intellectual Property. Through March 20th, Hedreen Gallery will act as an academic archive for both the university and general community.

"Each week participating artists will visit their assigned academic professional, learn about their work, and select material to add to Intellectual Property. In total fourteen artists will pair up with fourteen academic professionals over the course of seven weeks. Updates announcing artist-professional pairings and items accumulating in the collection will be disseminated regularly."

Sounds like a really interesting project. I can't wait to visit. There's no opening reception but it's open already so swing by and check it out.

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