Monday, January 18, 2010

John Boylan's Conversations

Geomorphic Solutions Contracting - Arches National Park Phase III, Grand County, UT
by Jed Dunkerley (image via)

John Boylan will be hosting of one his Conversations at Vermillion tomorrow. The guest list is heavy of folks who are passionate about both drawing and teaching drawing. Jed Dunkerley (artist, teacher, performer, provocateur), J.C. Schlechter (artist, teacher, curator), Lisa Bade (artist, teacher, and activist), Jon Gierlich (artist, teacher)

"This month we'll be looking at drawing. The session follows on an irregular series about art disciplines, including last year's sculpture conversation and "Persistence of Painting in a Digital Age" in 2005. Both of those conversations had overflow crowds, and the discussions were passionate. I'm curious to see what happens with drawing. Despite the ubiquitous nature of drawing, I know of few artists who see themselves as illustrators with the same resolve and intensity as those who identify as sculptors, painters, or printmakers." - John Boylan

The conversation runs from 7-9pm at Vermillion. They're usually packed so get there early for a good seat.

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