Saturday, January 16, 2010

Harold Balazs

image via A Balazs

"The purpose of art is to create wonder." - Harold Balazs

After a nice long day in the studio yesterday, it was a treat to come home and watch a program about Northwest master Harold Balazs. The show was from a series called The Living Treasures Project. I hadn't heard of it before. Other artists in the series are Robert Sperry, Ramona Solberg, Russell Day, Virginia Harvey, and Evert Sodergren.

I've previously mentioned that Harold was my introduction to art-as-a-career when he visited our high school in Spokane. I think he created such a recognizable style. And his work with enamel seems pioneering even today.

image via

He talked a bit about how he does pieces like this. Basically he carves Styrofoam pieces into molds and pours in concrete. He said it was really economical - around a $1/foot. It's a really interesting process to watch. Beth Sellars even shows up. I always forget that she moved here from Spokane.

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