Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Thursday / Jan 2010

Untitled (tower) by Amir Zaki

James Harris Gallery will be showing new work by photographer Amir Zaki. I love his supersaturated (digitally altered) images of lifeguard towers and VWs. "The beach-side architectural structures seem to float in the sky, as all access to the towers has been digitally erased. Colors in both the skies and the small buildings themselves have been intensified, adding to sense of the fantastic. Several structures read like military outlooks, all streamlined angularity, while others would not seem out of place at nearby Disneyland."

Garland (2009) by Nicholas Nyland
Acrylic on paper, grommets, rope

Nicholas Nyland makes some of my favorite art in Seattle. He'll be showing new work for The Problem of Universals in the backspace of SOIL. Colorful paint in simple patterns strung up as garland = WOW!

How to Draw Dogs by Salise Hughes

Animated Art at Northwest Film Forum rethinks "...the boundaries of animation, visual art and experimental filmmaking, this program of films by mostly local talent brings together artists working in different disciplines that are rarely shown together." Artists include Jon Behrens, Drew Christie, Martha Colburn, Matthew Cox, Webster Crowell, Stefan Gruber, Salise Hughes, Britta Johnson, Sarah Jane Lapp, Davis Limbach, Cathy McClure, Tess Martin, Jeffry Mitchell, Amanda Moore, Clyde Peterson, Tommy Thompson, Friese Undine, and Brent Watanabe.

Thursday at 7pm, NWFF, tickets $6-$9

End This Night, If It Be Your Will, by Gretchen Bennett
Video Still, 2010

Gretchen Bennett just got home from a residency in Reykjavik where the sun is only out for a couple of hours a day this time of year. Iceland's reliance on artificial light extends itself into her new body of work at Howard House. World Community Theater tells a variety of stories through the filters of light, weather and music. This is the show I'm most excited to see tonight! I'm such a fan.

Also at Howard House, Illuminant by Yuki Nakamura. This show should be amazing, too.

Fulguratus #5 (2009) by Juan Alonso

Local artist Juan Alonso is hosting his final open studio according to his blog. I know that times are really tough right now but I just hate the thought of Juan (or anyone) having to take a break from their passion. Support your local artist if you can.

Lawrimore Project and Greg Kucera Gallery also have great shows opening up.

Before I post my 1st Thursday lists, I like to check out other blogs to see if anyone has made a list so I can include them in the post. I always feel guilty when we all pick the same things - I swear we don't do it intentionally. In fact, I'll bet we all groan a bit when we realize it. Right now, I'm working on three art lists - this one, City Arts Magazine Visual Art Picks, and the CAB, so there's bound to be some overlap each month but I'll try to keep them as unique as possible. I always like Translinguistic Other's 1st Thursday lists - maybe if we ask nicely we'll get lucky and see a list for January. :)

Jen Grave's 1st Thursday picks
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My January show picks for City Arts Magazine, Seattle (p. 52). Opening - Gretchen & Yuki at Howard House, Michael Brophy at G. Gibson Gallery, Jesse DeLira at Gallery4Culture, Marc Dombrosky at Platform Gallery. Continuing - Grant Barnhart at Ambach & Rice, Warren Dykeman at Grey Gallery and Polaroids: Mapplethorpe at The Henry.