Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dan Webb / Cornish Main Gallery

Dan Webb opens up Unring the Bell today at Cornish's Main Gallery. This is the second installment of Jess Van Nostrand's awesome series spotlighting former college alumni. These shows are fantastic because they really delve into all phases of the artists' work. The show starts with work from his college years and runs right up to present day. In lieu of a show catalogue, Dan and Cornish student Kelly Martin have created a comic book detailing Dan's history. The show is up through February 26th.

Opening up a week before the Cornish show closes, Dan has a show of new work up Greg Kucera Gallery. Stones and Flowers will focus on recent work and both shows together will act as a pretty comprehensive look into the art of Dan Webb. For this show, Dan will continue to examine dandelions, gift boxes and busts but be prepared for a few big surprises!

Unring the Bell: Jan 21 - Feb 26, 2010
Stones and Flowers: Feb 18 - Mar 27, 2010

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harold hollingsworth said...

very much looking forward to this, wonder if I'll see stuff from his show at WWU when I was a student and we first met, he was already rocking it!