Sunday, December 27, 2009

Want to get your art out there?

Eloise's Peony, 2007 by Joey Veltkamp

I know not everyone has the time, energy or inclination to start a blog. Trust me, I totally get that (they can be exhausting with not much reward - a real labor of love)! And not all of us are showing in galleries. So how do we get our art out there? Consider this your personal invitation to participate in my Artist Explanation series. The concept is simple - select a piece of your art and write a paragraph about it then send it to me and I'll post it. Whatever you want to say. Maybe you want to explain your process, maybe you want to talk about color, maybe you want to say why you made it. Maybe it's not that concrete - perhaps a poem inspired you, please share it with us. I know for a lot of artists, the least favorite part of their practice can be writing about their art. This doesn't have to be high-minded. If you are authentic, people will be interested. Just so you'll feel more comfortable, I'll do one myself.

Artists who have participated so far include Matt Offenbacher, Ryan Molenkamp, Chris Buening, Troy Gua, Jesse Edwards, Neicy Frye Clark, Brad Woodfin, Matthew Cox, Virginia Broersma, Scott Garner and Scott Wilson.

- - -

The painting above certainly isn't the best of my flower paintings. In fact, it probably fails miserably to be recognizable as a peony at all. But it remains one of my favorite paintings I've ever done because it reminds me of my grandma Eloise. Gone for well over 12 years now, she was first person to permanently leave my life. My grandma ended up becoming my best friend during a rough Freshman year of college. It's one of the only paintings I ever had an emotional attachment to and was happy when dear friends purchased it. I still visit it from time to time. I don't think of her daily anymore, but I do think of her often. And I look forward to peony season every year!


Crib Tales said...

I love this Peony Joey - the colors are stunning! Shawn's aunt who passed this summer adored Peonies, and I think of her anytime I see them - we even planted our first this summer in memory of her. I loved her dearly. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art, and the story behind it. xo

Joey_Veltkamp said...

Oh thanks sweetheart. After grandma passed, my mom dug up one of her peony plants and transplanted it in Spokane. It's grown beautifully and it's so nice to go visit it when I'm home. The source picture I painted this from was off of that plant. The pink/white ones absolutely melt me.