Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wanderlust at Ursa Minor

Matt Lifson | Robin Stein

It's always great when new galleries pop up. Ursa Minor is a new gallery collective located at 3308 East Spring Street. Their inaugural exhibit is called Wanderlust and will be through the end of the month. The firs show be highlighting work from Matt Lifson and Robin Stein.

"Matt Lifson is an artist whose representational work challenges realism with abrupt spacial changes and juxtapositions. This exhibit will debut a new series of paintings and sculptures, exploring youth subculture, ritual and sexuality. He has exhibited in New York City, West Palm Beach, Istanbul, Turkey, and Seattle.

Robin Stein is a nationally exhibiting artist and musician based in Seattle, Washington. This will be the first exhibition of photographic prints from his most recent project: Trace. A photographic journey through the Ohio River Valley and Appalachians following early American westward migration routes."

I couldn't find hours or a website, but if you want to stop by contact for more details.


Paul Kuniholm Pauper said...

Who's running this space? I saw Lifson's work while curating the Ver(a)rt exhibits for 2010. Outstanding work Lifson! Best new artist in Seattle. It sounds like the photos are awesome too, though I'm not familiar with that photog.

Joey Veltkamp said...

Yeah it looks pretty great. Both artists were new to me. I think it's a group doing it. Not sure.