Tuesday, December 8, 2009

TARL presents Older Than Dirt

TARL's first public exhibition opens this Saturday. Vancouver artists Raymond Boisjoly and Ryan Peter have been collaborating on this project since 2008.

"Using a specious art historical reference as their starting point, Raymond + Ryan have created a wooden dinosaur sculpture with a sound component, a text piece, and a series of collages for their exhibition, THIS IS THE FUTURE, the Rest is History. Mistaking the part for the whole, they have replaced the idea with its realization–the work itself. Indexing the creative possibilities of misreading, Raymond + Ryan seek to find what was never there in the first place."

The exhibit opens this Saturday (Dec 12). There will be an artist talk at 6pm at Western Bridge, then head over to 1447 21st Ave (between Pine & Union) at 7:30 for the opening. If you can't make it this Saturday, the exhibit will be open every Saturday (noon to 5) through January 9.

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