Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sunday suppers

If you're not already attending The New Guard tomorrow, here are a couple other great supper options. YEA for Sunday suppers!

Vermillion is hosting their monthly Dinner & A Movie with chef Andre Hopper (from Black Bottle). Hopper will be serving a country-cured ham (from Bob's Quality Meats), mixed greens, braised green, roasted garlic soup and poached pears for dessert. Dinner is just $20 +tax! This month's film is a smorgasbord of snippets from educational, science, space and informational films.

image via Dave Lifson

Oddfellow's recently launched a Sunday Supper. Cooked by chef Sam Crannell, the first supper included prosciutto and provolone stuffed cherry peppers, tapenade and crostini Potato leek soup with duck confit. Slow roasted shoulder of Berkshire pork with creamed brussels and baked yams Carmel banana cake, bourbon bananas, and Molly Moon’s vanilla ice cream. The cost is $45/person and includes wine. It's at the back table so seating is limited to 16. Dinner starts at 6:30. For reservations call 206-325-0807.

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Amanda said...

Wow....I want it all. Gives me a new reason to love Sundays!

(But I can't wait for the NG Xmas comestibles. YUM!)