Saturday, December 26, 2009

Studio visits

Studio visits have been on my mind a lot lately. So I figured I'd share some links to folks who are also thinking about them.

Studio of Whiting Tennis, image via Erin Shafkind

Artist Erin Shafkind has started a series on her blog where she visits artists in their studio. So far she has visited Whiting Tennis (love the Laura Palmer pic), Claire Johnson and yours truly.

Margie Livingston (video still) by Bradford Bohonus

Bradford Bohonus has been taking folks on virtual tours of artist studios for a few years now. I wish my computer processed video faster or I'd be watching all 75+ of his VR videos.

Artist R.A. Jensen by John Hollingsworth

John E Hollingsworth takes beautiful portraits of Washington artists in their studios. To see them, click on people, then in studio.


sharon said...

What a fun blog and a fun project! I definitely would love to see more and more studio groups/gatherings/visits happening around Seattle - it's all really exciting. Thanks for sharing this one, Joey!

Amanda said...

Yay! LOVE them all! And how did I miss that Erin has a blog?