Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rattle My Cage / Vermillion Gallery

video still from Imagining Myself as Bruce Springsteen, Sweating and Playing The Guitar by Brett Walker

Save the date - one week from today (Thursday, Dec 10), Rattle My Cage opens up at Vermillion.

Curated by local artist Sierra Stinson and showcasing the art of Gretchen Bennett, Morgan Johnson, Joel Kvernmo, Amelia Layton, Rosa Lazzarini, Mckenzie Porritt, Michael Rioux, and Brett Walker.

“Growing up, I thought the term 'Rattle My Cage' meant something that impacted and affected a change in perception that was paramount, hence the 'rattling.' It was always a positive force inside my head and heart. Since then, I have come to learn each individual’s perspective of this common term varies from quite negative and disturbing to inspiring and calming." - Sierra Stinson

Also, congratulations to Sierra - she'll be taking over curatorial duties for Joe Bar in January 2010.

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