Sunday, December 6, 2009

Margie Livingston artist talk

Greg Kucera introduces Margie Livingston

I went to Margie Livingston's talk yesterday (along with about 50 other folks!) at Greg Kucera Gallery. I really liked the format; instead of talking about her process in general, she walked us through the show and talked about each piece specifically. Because this entire body of work is different than her previous art, it was really illuminating. The title of the show is Riff--New Paintings and refers to her riffing on some her major show influences like Charles Ray, Sol Lewitt, Lynda Benglis, and Jackson Pollock.

Paint Line (detail), image via gallery

While it's obviously apparent, I never realized that much of this work is about documenting time. Much like Sharon Arnold's recent show, the simple act of repetition builds into something monumental. The whole idea of art-making as a measure of time is new to me and I find it fascinating. I do it a bit with my diary drawings, but it's a much different motivation. My jaw dropped when Margie mention that her piece Paint Line contains 8,000 paint dots (it's 16 feet tall!).

Peak 193, image via gallery. The title refers to the number of layers of paint.

I also love it when artists reveal things you'd never guess. By her own admission, Margie is fairly serious, and takes her art very seriously but she told us that she likes the accretion works because they just make her laugh. It's impossible to not like them or her even more after hearing that.

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sharonA said...

This was such a great talk - I love the idea of finding that sense of fun in the studio, and I really identified with what she was saying. It's so easy to be serious!

Great recap Joey!