Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Let Her Know by Scott Garner

Let Her Know, archival inkjet print on plywood

"Nobody wants to hear another break-up story, so I won't bother with the details. Put simply, I was left a hollowed out, smoking crater of a person in the early months of this year and I found myself in a place where I needed to examine not only the rubble from my most recent relationship, but from a lifetime of relationships.

I was also desperately in need of something—anything—to focus on rather than the expanding black hole in my chest. So, any time I found myself thinking "I always wanted to…" I made it my mission to do whatever it was. Singing at an open mic? Done. Studying martial arts? Done. Serenading a girl outside her window? Done. (Incidentally, the girl in question was a lesbian and wasn't particularly impressed, but the people on the street were pretty entertained.)

Also on the list? Have my first art show.

That one was a little tricky since virtually all of my work is time-based or interactive, but after years of staring at coffee shop walls thinking, "I could do that," I decided it was time. I began working with words and pictures and, after a number of false starts, got into a comfortable creative flow. This flow was interrupted when it was time to print, mount and varnish the work, however. I found myself dealing with unfamiliar mediums that offered much less control and precision that I had been accustomed to in my digital work.

Eventually, though, this struggle gave way to an acceptance (and finally an appreciation) of the flaws and defects inherent to the materials I was using. After all, work created from a broken heart shouldn't be perfect—it should be honest and painful and sincere and real, in additional to being a little rough around the edges." - Scott Garner

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