Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's Strangercrombie Time!

It's that time of the year again! What time of the year? "Strangercrombie: Once a year we do something good™" And instead of their usual one charity, this year they've chosen three great organizations: Country Doctor, Urban Rest Stop, and Senior Services. You can read about them here.

Something else they did differently this year was the addition of piñatas. Five artists each made a piñata and filled them full of all sorts of different things. This was one of the most fun projects I've worked on all year. Knowing that it will be used to raise money for charity is just icing on the (cup)cake!

Brown Bear by Joey Veltkamp

"Joey Veltkamp's nostalgic re-paintings of 1970s gay porn or, say, river bears, are so sweetly likable that nobody has ever said a bad word about them, even in private. Ever. Truly. Case in point? Veltkamp filled his piñata with gift certificates--$50 each to King's Hardware, Smith, Linda's Tavern, and Oddfellows Cafe, 50 free drink coupons to Stumptown Cofee, and 15 free cupcake coupons to Cupcake Royale"- Strangercrombie catalog [bid here]

Thanks again to all of the businesses who filled my bear's belly full of yummy gift certificates!

The other AMAZING piñatas are Susanna Bluhm's homage to minimalism in the form of a white cube [bid], Jennifer Zwick's mini-me full of buttons of her deepest fears [bid], Vaughn Bell's awesome recreation of the viaduct [bid], and Coco Howard's adorable (and suicidal) furry creature full of felt organs [bid]. Today is the first day of the auction. I'd really love to see folks bid on these - it's for some really great causes and all the artists really put a lot of love and work into them.

Other auctions I'd totally bid on:
- Art Collecting Dinner at Greg Kucera's [bid]
- Rule Linda's by Day... [bid]
- Party Like...Marcello Mastroianni [bid]
- Buy an Art Review [bid]
- Cupcake Stalker [bid]
- Californification Vacation [bid]
- ...Adventure with John Roderick [bid]

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