Monday, December 7, 2009

"History of Art in Seattle, Chapter One"

Ariadne's Thread VI (2008) | Strange Stars 1 (2008)
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I showed up pretty late to the Seattle art scene so this is about when I first saw Alfred Harris' work.

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But maybe you knew Alfred from this time period.

Under the Big Black Sun by X (illustration by Alfred Harris, 1982)

But did you know about this Alfred Harris? The one that illustrated X's 1982 album, Under the Big Black Sun. Vocalist Exene Cervenka's has a soft spot for the album, "You know, my favorite record is Under the Big Black Sun, . . . I'm saying if I had to sit down in a room and put on an X record—which I don't generally do—I have recently listened to some X records but I generally don't listen to myself—the record I would pick to listen to would be Under the Big Black Sun."

Alfred Harris, Jeffry Mitchell (with a cigarette and beer), Ken Kelly

And after an evening of drinks, this picture should really be titled, "History of Art in Seattle, Chapter One." The fantastic stories these boys can tell span 20+ years of local history. All three of them together should be illegal.


sharonA said...

Wow, and that happens to be my favourite X album ever! :D

That last photo somehow seals the legend :)

Joey Veltkamp said...

Yeah - did you already know Alfred drew it?

Totally. They just kept dropping all these random stories. I really do wish we had archived the past two decades better - Seattle had some really cool stuff going on then.