Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First Thursday December 2009

Still Life, 2009 by Jennifer Zwick

Jennifer Zwick opens up Bilaterography in the backspace at SOIL. As an added bonus, she'll also have a piece in PUNCH Gallery's show You Become Your Thoughts (juried by Marisa C.Sánchez).

Untitled by Anna Fidler | Untitled by Dominic DeJoseph

Also at SOIL, a group show called Of Walking In Ice, which includes David Berman, Joseph Burwell, Dominic DeJoseph, Bill Daniel, Anna Fidler, Alexandra Lakin, Donald Morgan, Melody Owen, Greg Pond, Jack Ryan, Steven Thompson, Jan Tumlir, Laura Vandenburgh, and Anke Weyer.

The group show TWOTHOUSANDTEN opens up at Flatcolor Gallery tomorrow. Full of great artists like Chris Sheridan, Troy Gua, Chris Crites and many more.

Howard House opens up The Figure: painting, prints and sculpture which includes work by Philip Guston (!!!), Michael Lucero, Kim McCarthy and more.

In conjunction with their exhibition Polaroids: Mapplethorpe, the Henry Art Gallery will be screening Black White + Gray: A Portrait of Sam Wagtstaff and Robert Mapplethorpe at 7pm. Free for members.

The Safron Utopia by Kevin C. McCarthy

Short Days opens up tomorrow at the OK Hotel. It's a group show with Kevin C. McCarthy, Eric Swangstu, Doug Parry, Stacie Chappell, Ann Piper and Aaron Morgan Brown.

Harry Smith

The Frye is hosting a lecture by KEXP's Greg Vandy called Local Hero: Harry Smith’s Old, Weird Record Collection. "The folk themes and forgotten histories heard on Harry’s anthology inspired a new generation of listeners and artists. Greil Marcus coined the term and Dylan played the songs, but Harry Smith found, collected, and preserved the songs from an old, weird America." The lecture starts at 7pm.

Other great shows opening up include La Familia Gallery's December 5"x5" show, Canoe Social Club's Home, and The Forgotten Works Challenge.

And if you still haven't seen the current shows by Akio Takamori, Margie Livingston or SuttoneBerseCuller, you should check them out - they're great!

Jen Graves' recommendations here.

Saturday artist talks:
  • Margie Livingston: Saturday (Dec 5) at Greg Kucera Gallery at noon
  • Open Roads and Bedside Tables Gallery Talk with exhibition curator Jayme Yahr at the Frye at 2pm


Rachel said...

Another interesting stop downtown this First Thursday -is the Triangle Art Gallery's exhibit: "Art as Therapy".

Several Teen Health centers in the Seattle area (run through Neighborcare Health) have been using art projects to help teens cope with troubling issues and serious life circumstances (substance abuse, HIV, family tragedy); the art displayed in the exhibition is a reflection of that work.

Some of the teens will be in attendance, others, given the personal nature of the work, wished to remain anonymous. It would be great to show them support and to encourage the use and practice of art as a valuable means of expression for these kids.

The YMCA Triangle Art Gallery is located at 909 Fourth Ave. It is a gallery run by, and for, young artists (ages 13-20), it is free and it is the only venue of its kind in Seattle.
The gallery's aim is to empower young artists in a positive, collaborative artistic community.

I think it would be just amazing to see some of Seattle's more established artists give their feedback and support.

Joey Veltkamp said...

Wow Rachel - I hadn't even heard of this show. It sounds amazing and it would be great to get more support. What time is the opening? Is there a link?

THANK YOU so much for a great reminder of such an amazing gallery!

(And HI!!)

Rachel said...

and Joey -(a belated) congrats on last month's CityArts coverage. That's awesome!

Rachel said...

The opening reception for "Art as Therapy" is from 6:00 to 8:00pm.

Thanks for giving me this space to plug it, Joey.

(and "hi" right back at ya)

Joey Veltkamp said...

Aw, thanks Rachel!

And of course - I just emailed Shalimar and Amy for more info/image. :) Thanks for clueing me in.