Tuesday, December 22, 2009

‘C.P.1935mc’ by Scott Wilson

‘C.P.1935mc’, 2009, by Scott Wilson
Mixed media assemblage: natural human skull and animal bone, taxidermy, surgical instruments, steel, glass, rubber, leather, cloth, blood, insects, rust, paint, and pigment.

"This most recent piece, ‘C.P.1935mc’, is from what I’ve coined the ‘medical bag series’. Antique doctors medical bags are used as the base and I build on the sculptures from there using a variety of antiquated items. With these pieces I’ve began using objects from my personal collection as subject matter or ingredients. My obsession with medical antiquities of all kinds finds a new forum with this work. I myself value these antiques as art, or more appropriately, objet d’art, but using them to convey or speak for me in my work creates a new and exciting dialogue for me. Certainly this concept isn’t new, but for me personally, I guess I wasn’t aware of the line I had drawn between what is art and what is ‘collection’. Also, there is heavy inspiration from Daniel Spoerri (born 1930). Spoerri is a master and laid the concrete foundation for this particular kind of assemblage/object play." - Scott Wilson

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