Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Artist Salon #4 - Erin Shafkind

Klare gets ready to text.

Last night, local artist Erin Shafkind led Artist Salon #4. She began the evening by leading a discussion about the decline of writing. ("When is the last time you wrote a letter?") Erin's point is that we do all these repetitive motions without producing any tangible objects like a letter or journal.

For tonight's salon, Erin wanted us to think about the motions we make using our cell phones. Especially the motions for iPhones since they've become so ubiquitous and introduced many of us to a new style of communicating.

Folks were able to create pieces of art by using a keyboard to make prints, recording our motions in paint on paper cell phones, and by adding texts to wooden phones to give to friends.

me and Erin

A great evening spent with a great group of people. Thanks Erin and everyone who showed up! More flickr pics here. Sorry for the bad pics, guess I need (another) new camera.

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