Wednesday, November 4, 2009

White and Jade Sea Peonies by Neicy Frey Clark

White and Jade Sea Peonies (2009), 30 x 120"

"When you wake up from a really beautiful dream...everything is fluid and hazy. You have that glow-y magic behind your eyes and beneath your scalp.

You want to share the imagery and the sensation with someone else. But somewhere between the experience of the dream and the words leaving your mouth to articulate it, it all vaporizes and then is just something ridiculous or worse...mundane.

This painting reminds me of that warm and lovely feeling you have remembering the dream before you describe it to someone else. The delicate reaching flowers...the colors don't make sense but are true and natural...maybe they are underwater...but also lit up...drippy and dreamy and shiny." - Neicy Frey Clark

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neece said...

thanks for the post joey! it's great to be included with such an amazing group of artists.