Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stranger Genius Award - visual art shortlist

It's been an AMAZING year for art here in the Northwest. I don't envy the job of The Stranger staff in selecting a short-list of the best, but here it is! The list is totally solid and I've written about most of them repeatedly on this blog. In fact, I've even done an interview with 3/4 of the artists (and have asked Anne to do one down the road). Two paws up to all of them (and every other artist out there making art and building community)!

Untitled by Matthew Offenbacher (image via artist)

The Desert by Anne Mathern (image via LP)

12 views (pink tree) by Claire Cowie (image via JHG)

Rattling House (detail) by Leo Saul Berk (image via LP)

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