Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Guard Interview

New Guard 2 (image by Viv)

There's been a lot of interest around these The New Guard dinners. Celebrated food blogger Seattle Bon Vivant came to the last one and wanted to know more about the concept. She's put together a great interview that gives you a little more background on the project.

If you don't already know Seattle Bon Vivant (and odds are you do - she won the 2008 Seattle Magazine Reader's Choice award for Local Food Blog), she's keeping us all up to date on the best things via Twitter. She's got a real warmth and love that shines through, even in an electronic format.

Folks have been asking about November's New Guard. For many reasons (including the already gluttonous Turkey Day - how can we compete?), we've decided to take a bye and focus on making December's dinner unforgettable. And I think we might have a crazy good line-up to set the stage for one helluva dark and moody Christmas dinner. If you want to know more, please sign up for the invite list and we'll keep you posted once details get finalized. Currently scheduled for December 22. Hope to see you then!

Sarah's lovely photos.

Also, speaking of interviews, looks like City Arts archive is up. If you want to read their nice feature about me and the artist interviews on this blog, you can check it out here.

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