Monday, November 2, 2009

A love letter to Joseph Margate

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Author Sally Levitt Steinberg just wrote a beautiful love letter to one of my favorite people, Joseph Margate!
"Joseph has an easygoing, sweet manner, nothing like the famously ferocious enfants terribles chefs. He is genial, friendly, genuinely interested in people, and he’s not pretentious or imposing or temperamental. He originates in the Philippines—not the usual chef provenance in the US. Then via California and Seattle and New York to Boston. He’s a diamond-in-the-rough, or perhaps not that rough, since he was a sous-chef at New York’s elevated temple of gastronomy, Eleven Madison Park, the jewel in the crown of the Danny Meyer empire."
He's come a long way since I first met him several years ago. Since he's left Seattle, I never get to see him often enough. It's great to hear that other people love him almost as much as we do here in the Emerald City.

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