Monday, November 23, 2009

Little Woods at Cairo Gallery

The fine folks at Cairo are putting together quite an evening that promises to explore relationships between food and art and shelter.

"Influenced by the work of virtuoso magicians and polymaths such as John Soane, Charles Wilson Peale, David Wilson, and Ricky Jay, artists Emma Schwartzman and Michael Getz approached the creation of LITTLE WOODS as an experiential interpretation of the dynamically interdependent relationships of:
the built world vs. the natural world
nurtured vs. manufactured
knowledge vs. magical thinking
transparent vs. opaque
human experience vs. human imagination
mystery vs. revelation
LITTLE WOODS exists in a vaulted forest hovering over drifts of foraged lichen, nests, leaves and woodland ephemera, all found in our Northwest habitat. Within in the sheltered forests are foods that would expect to find if you were frolicking through the trees and ferries and nymphs provided for you a bountiful spread, shifting your senses from what your mind and body desires to what your environment can provide for you

Food and shelter are the foundation of life ongoing and the nexus of conflicting political and economic forces battling over the future of our planet and civilization. Atomized, shut out from understanding or influence of the genuine costs, origins or benefits of most of what we put in and on and around our bodies, we have ceded personal autonomy over our corporal selves to forces indifferent to our individual and social interests. Yet life holds its allure, food and intimacy animate our spirits still.

LITTLE WOODS attempts to wrestle with the desirable and the possible in our navigation of the systems and relationships that sustain us ~ food, shelter, community, fun."

Monday, Nov 30 from 7-11pm
507 E Mercer Street
RSVP here

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