Friday, November 20, 2009

Le Classique No. 117 by Brad Woodfin

Le Classique No. 117, 8" x 10"
oil on antique book (in shadow box)

"This painting was done on a book I found in a box on the street I live on. I had the book for months before I painted it. I am probably the last person on earth that would be called a bookworm, but I loved this book when I found it. I mentioned "Les Classiques Pour Tous" to my friend Jerome (who is also referenced partially in the title of another painting in the show , "
A Shiny Shiny Mourning"). Jerome knew where to get more of these books in Bordeaux. There is nothing all that magical about this story, but there is about Jerome, and to me, how important the time we spent together was." - Brad Woodfin

A Shiny Shiny Mourning, 8" x 10", oil on panel

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Amanda M. said...

God, these are wonderful.