Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First Thursday November 2009

Holy cow - there's a LOT of art happening this week. This is just the tip of the iceberg and I'm sorry if I forgot to mention your show.


Gravity, curated by everybody's favorite Marisa C. Sánchez, opens up tonight at Cornish College. This show includes work by Johanna Billing, Margot Quan Knight, Dave McKenzie and Demetrius Oliver. The reception is from 5-8pm.

Also showing at Cornish: Hanged, curated by Ian Toms.


Go-Go (2009) by Ken Kelly

I'm so excited for this show. Ken Kelly's Paintings has been highly anticipated. Folks have said this is his strongest work in years (that's saying something!) and I have to agree. These new paintings have a pulse that's hard to deny. He's got both the front and back galleries. Ken's barely making it to his opening due to an emergency surgery late last week, so be gentle (and generous - buy!!). More info.

Hometown heroes Sutton Beres Culler are opening up a new show tomorrow at Lawrimore Project. I know these guys have been super busy with public art projects so I'm shocked they've even found time to install a new show. I'm sure it will be great, like always.

The Watcher by Ryan Molenkamp

Baby Seal Club (Kate Protage, Ryan Molenkamp, Chris Sheridan) is hosting a reception at 619 Western (3rd Fl) tomorrow. Matt Everett is the guest artist this month.

Acanthus Run by Grego Rachko

Also at 619 Western, Alchemy Studios' is hosting an open house including a new commissioned painting by Grego Rachko.

Chris Buening will also be showing some of his beloved 'wite-out' paintings at Alchemy Studios. This will be the first time in a while you'll be able to see such a large group from this series, so stop on by.

D.W. Burnam

D.W. Burnam and Aubrey Nehring will be showing this month at Some Space Gallery. I'm excited to see this since I didn't even know that D.W. started out as a painter. He's also part of a group show at Cupcake Royale (Cap Hill).

Thu-Van Vu & Diem Chau

G. Gibson Gallery is hosting a reception for Thu-Van Vu and Diem Chau's new work.

Oops - I forgot SOIL has a great show opening up. Julia Freeman, Jean Lullie and Ellen Ziegler with Nola Avienne in the back space.


Sharon Arnold, Trevor Johnson and Ryan Molenkamp open up a great group show on Friday at Vermillion on Capitol Hill. This show looks great. It's impossible to see this show and not think about the obsessive amount of hours spent on the work. Sharon Arnold in particular exemplifies the beautiful compulsion to create. I'm in awe. Keep your eye out for a future interview Sharon.

Heide Hinrichs

Also on Friday, SAM remix will be in full swing starting at 8pm. This promises to be nothing but fun!


Massimo Guerrera

ARGH - I don't even want to write about this because it makes it seem real. After an incredible (INCREDIBLE) six year run, Crawl Space is having their final show. While completely understandable, this is a huge loss for Seattle. Come out and support them and send them off in style.

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sharonA said...

Thanks Joey! What a really awesome month of art in Seattle.

Lucas Spivey said...

I'm still making the rounds on these. It's a great thing to support each other in Seattle.

Joey Veltkamp said...

Community all the way, baby!! :)