Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Potluck @ The Gift Shop

Tabitha's turkey

There was plenty of yummy food at The Henry tonight. As part of the second incarnation of The Gift Shop, Jason, Sol and Claire hosted a leftover Thanksgiving dinner feast. Folks showed up with lots of pie, stuffing, turkey, chicken drummettes and anything else that didn't get gobbled up yesterday.

Saya picked up a Dan Webb gnome candle

If you haven't stopped The Gift Shop, you are totally missing out. There have already been tons of fantastic gifts coming and going through those doors. You might end up with an apple OR you might end up with a Claire Cowie sculpture. Swing on by with a sack of gifts to trade and you might just get all your holiday shopping done in one-stop. The Gift Shop Presents: Presents will be open through Sunday, December 13.


Brittany said...

Hey, Joey! I got your Two Hares in the Gift Shop. AMAZING WORK, thank you! It's going up on the walls today! Also, I'd love to get your stuffing recipe... It was de-licious.

Joey Veltkamp said...

OH YEA! That's happy news. :) Thanks.

that was the original recipe but the version i brought to the potluck included some remnants of one traditional version and one veggie version - all blended together. and if it was the "smokiness" you liked, that came from a couple of pieces falling to the oven floor and me being able to get them out so they were burning and smoking up the oven a bit. ;)