Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Artist Salon 3 - Printmaking

Sol Hashemi and Jason Hirata were the artists for Salon #3. They did a great job of creating a high energy, high fun workshop in a very unconventional manner.

Start with a nice, clean wall. Make as many holes as you can with anything you can get your hands on - including fruitcake. Make prints and a big, old mess.

As you can see, the prints turned out lovely and folks had some really great ideas. To make interesting prints, many holes were needed. And it was actually really cathartic to stab, kick, hammer, and nail the wall.

You can see the full flickr set here. Big thanks to Jason, Sol and everyone else who braved the rain last night to attend.

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klara said...

thanks for an interesting experience! some of the energy must have rubbed of on us and Blake and I expanded our drawings on the walls at home (thankfully no holes through walls - yet!).
I was wondering if you could list the home_page.project info on your blog - but couldn't find your email anywhere. please let me know - my info is on the project site.