Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Waterlines by Stokley Towles

image via Kelly O

If you missed Stokley Towles' performance of Waterlines you're in luck because he's added two more dates for November. Stokley gives a 45 minute performance about water and our relationship to it which sounds dry but his performance is anything but.

"...topics discussed: secret tunnels leading to springs, accidentally demolished in Israel; what parts of Seattle have the most fat- and oil-clogged sewers; the etymology of "rival" (those who share a river or a stream); and Seattle's professional water tasters, whose palates are more accurate than microscopes in figuring out what kind of algae are living in the water. Microscopes can only see what's in a tiny drop, but the tasters can detect a broad range of algae species in one mouthful and help the city figure out what kind of treatment methods to use. The tasters, Towles says, claim our source water has a potato flavor in October, then moves on to notes of cucumber, beets, and Brazil nuts as the temperature and algae content change." via

Added dates are Sunday, Nov 1st and 8th at 7pm at Noodle Works Studios. Tickets are $11 and you can buy them here.

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