Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spray Cans by Jesse Edwards

Spray Cans by Jesse Edwards, oil on linen, 32 x 36, 2009

"This the last still life painting I have completed. I started out in the world of art as a graffiti tagger, This is my tribute to spray paint. I like the way the painting has various sizes of spray cans. It reminds me of the city and different buildings. I usually paint still life objects about the same size as they are in real life. In this painting tho I chose to make the objects a bit larger than life to give them a more monumental feel. These paint cans came from Portland recycling plant. My friend "Bruno" got them for me. I like the way older cans look. They have simpler design. In the fine art world I started out doing still lifes. I sold them at the Kimzey Miller Gallery. I did pretty well painting bowls of fruit. I like bowls of fruit. In the beginning it was what I painted because I didnt know what else to paint. Now I know more but that just makes me want to paint a bowl of fruit because they are simple and nice. Well before my bowls of fruit seemed to have no real meaning. Now If I paint one it will be out of meaning." - Jesse Edwards

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