Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sawdust Mountain and The Gift Shop

Adult books, firewood, and truck for sale, Port Angeles, Washington.
by Eirik Johnson (image via Henry)

Eirik Johnson will be giving a talk at the Henry Art Gallery this evening from 7 - 8:30. The talk is in conjunction with his current exhibit, Sawdust Mountain.

"The culmination of four years’ photographing throughout Oregon, Washington, and Northern California, Sawdust Mountain showcases the strained relationship between industries that rely on natural resources and the communities they impacted."

And then don't forget about the Henry's Open House tomorrow. We'll get our first official glimpse into the Matthew Offenbacher and Friends project, The Gift Shop. In its first (of six) incarnation, Jenny Zwick and Joe Park offer us this preview:

I know I know Jenny and Joe
1. A Better Metaphor
2. Joe & Jenny In Claude's Canoe
3. Singking
4. Not Quite (Sea) Level
5. A Merry Slide Straight Down
6. Doing Our Best With What We've Got: Fall 2009
7. But We're Halfway ABOVE Water, Too
8. Jenny & Joe Stay In The Boat No Matter What
9. None Of Us Thought We'd Be Here, Exactly
10. Halfway Down Is Still Halfway Up
11. We're All Screwed, But We're All Screwed Together
12. The Lower We Get, The Louder We Sound
screwed, but screwed together...
or 12
the lower we get, the lower we get.
9. none, exactly
i also like a merry slide.
or j and j's merry slide
or j and j's canoe ride

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