Friday, October 2, 2009

Saturday talks

1957 by Charlie White (2006). Image via Wohnmaschine
Included in The Old, Weird America

As you can probably guess from my interview series, I love hearing folks talk about art. I can't wait for these talks tomorrow. I just wish I could see them all!

Matt Offenbacher & Tony de los Reyes at Howard House at noon.

Drew Daly & Tim Roda at Greg Kucera at noon.

Toby Kamps at Frye Art Museum at 2pm. He curated The Old, Weird America which opens up tomorrow. More on that later, but it's great! Toby's a good guy who tells an interesting tale about the origins of the exhibit. When you say The Old, Weird America, people conjure up wildly different things so I really recommend seeing Toby talk to get a better understanding of his thoughts on why he put the show together. There's a good chance this exhibit will surprise you.

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