Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It's time to welcome a new Seattle art blog - SOAP. Currently designed to document the first month of new Seattle Art Museum Director Derrick Cartwright, SOAP will eventually include guest authors and other voices. I love Derrick's first post where he describes his motivation.
"I further hope that the practice of writing down fleeting observations about my initial days of work will help me refine and better articulate some thoughts about this job’s enduring challenges, variations, and pleasures. If there is an interested audience for this, that would be great. This is just to say that demystifying the ways in which the museum functions on a daily basis is one goal of this experiment, the first of many that I hope will characterize my tenure at SAM."
Can't wait to hear more about his first 30 days at SAM.

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Virginia Broersma said...

Sounds exciting- thank's for sharing the link.