Saturday, October 24, 2009

R. Allen Jensen / Vallee and Smith

Fellow artist Harold Hollingsworth and I day-tripped up to Bow-Edison this week to check out an amazing show of work by R. Allen Jensen. I hadn't heard of Bob before (which seems shocking since he's been making art for decades) and so I'm really glad that Harold turned me on to him. And it also really makes me wish that the Northwest would have figured out a better way of remembering these past masters. I can already tell that just by spending an hour with this work, it's going to influence me in good ways.

"R. Allen Jensen's theater of art making was one of negation: negation of the avant-gardist concept of originality, negation of logic and reason, negation of the desire to assign uniform cultural meanings to diverse phenomena. His was the craft of making art that would become a record of a performance, mixed with very autobiographical references, and very universal ideas. In the 70's and 80's Jensen often did live performances with the works he created. He created works that were almost macabre, lifesize crosses that he would crucify himself on, nude, in the dark except for some clip lamps laying in and around the floor of the piece. From the pictures he showed us in class, the works looked powerful, well crafted, and always physically and mentally daunting." via

This show is coming down at the end of the month - that leaves you exactly one week to head north and check this out! It's a beautiful fall and Bow-Edison is the perfect distance to drive up for an afternoon of art-viewing followed by lunch with a friend.

Smith & Vallee Gallery is open Wednesday - Sunday, 11am - 5pm
5742 Gilkey Avenue
Edison, WA

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harold hollingsworth said...

Joey, it was a blast sharing his work and a day drive, drinks soon yes!