Friday, October 30, 2009

New Guard recap

The second iteration of The New Guard took place in a beautiful loft space on Capitol Hill. Around 30 of us gathered by candlelight to enjoy food, wine, art and music. These nights have quickly become one of my favorite things to be a part of. There's something magical about this combination that leaves everyone full of love.

Damon and Amanda listen intently.

Gala Bent's art looked amazing on the walls - there's something about white on white that really appeals to me these days. Kate Tucker broke everyone's heart with her beautiful songs. And Eliot Guthrie (with help from Seth) made plate after plate of deliciousness. And if you happened to the see the "kitchen" (a burner and a toaster oven), you'd realize what a true genius this guy is!
Quilcene oysters
Calf's livers terrine with onion and pomegranate marmalade
Endive and grapefruit salad
Pigs cheeks and quince
Chestnuts with root vegetables
Baked mushrooms and chard
Frommage blanc tart

Calf's liver terrine with onion & pomegranate marmalade

I just want to thank everyone for coming and for bringing so much to the table. These aren't paid gigs - folks do these as a labor of love and that really really comes through.

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Amanda M. said...

What an incredible night! Many thanks to everyone who was involved in its creation!