Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Voice Would Reach You by Meiro Koizumi

video still from Human Opera XXX, 2007

Curator Yoko Ott has been busy putting the final touches on Meiro Koizumi's new installation at Seattle University's Hedreen Gallery. My Voice Would Reach You takes its name from a video piece included in the show. Meiro's films can be, "Characterized by child-like role playing, physical discomfort, and absurd scenarios, Koizumi’s videos treat the medium with brutal disregard. Inner struggles both sensual and sinister are brought to the surface in a dark, claustrophobic universe. Rough production values and a grandiose mash of comedy and physical theater, often centered upon the male body, disturb Koizumi’s submissive viewer." via

video still from My Voice Would Reach You, 2009

I haven't had the chance to see the work yet but folks much smarter than me have been raving about it! It sounds psychologically dense and and mildly uncomfortable - just up my alley. It will take a while to get through all 11 videos so plan on spending some time with it.

In addition to My Voice Would Reach You at the Lee Center, Koizumi will also be showing a new piece called The Corner of Sweet and Bitter at Open Satellite. This new work (opening Nov 10) explores Bellevue's pre-WWII history of Japanese-American strawberry farmers.

The show at the Hedreen Gallery will open up tomorrow (Wed, Oct 14). The reception will run from 5-8pm and the artist will be in attendance.

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robnights said...

I saw this installation yesterday. It was the only piece of art that's ever brought a tear to my eye. Absolutely phenomenal, yet so simple.