Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Methhead by Chris Buening

Methhead, 50” x 40” x 0”
acrylic, spray-paint, graphite and correction fluid on cut paper

"When I first moved to Seattle methamphetamine was quickly becoming (or perhaps already was) the preferred party drug in the gay scene. I was a working DJ at the time, spinning at clubs and parties around town. Being no stranger to mind altering chemicals and drugs of all sorts, I became an occasional user. As the drug permeated my social scene more and more (and many of the occasional users developed hard-core habits and un-shakeable addictions) the detrimental effects of the drug became far more prevalent. Some of my friends recovered, but there were many who were lost to me permanently, and a few who lost their lives.

Methhead is a memorial for a lifestyle that I left behind years ago and for some of my friends who were lost along the way. I think of the statue-like crystalline head as being symbolic of many different faces / heads, as well as being a kind of self-portrait of that time in my life. I also think that correction fluid (a material generally used for covering one’s mistakes) is the perfect medium for the “portraits” in this series, which often have dark and embarrassing back-stories." - Chris Buening


Emily said...

I think I saw this at the Hedreen Gallery awhile back. It's a beautiful drawing!

neece said...

amazing detail and sentiment