Saturday, October 31, 2009

loving a monster and other stories by Gretchen Bennett

This set is titled "The Big Bad, The Undead and the conflict (and love) between good and evil"

YouTube's world is pixilated light, both transformative and eerie. It divides everything into spotlight or darkness. You are always on the threshold between dark and light. This is about mash-ups. If, like Danger Mouse you take the dark and the light, like the white and the black album, and mix them, you can make your own gray album.

We begin in Aberdeen, Washington, home to Kurt Cobain. I have the impression of Cobain just sort of disappearing in life, and, as in Gus Van Sant's Last Days, "floating through his house like a ghost, unaffectingly disconnected to the emissaries of thought he's unleashed on the world" (artist Aaron Williams). In About a Son, the film by Michael Azerrad, Cobain describes the two distinctly different sides of his own personality, as well as the fight between good and evil.

1 Kurt Cobain About A Son: Trailer 1:08

In autumn in the Pacific Northwest, it's easy to tie emotion, feeling, beauty and beastliness in with the landscape, so we go now from About a Son's Aberdeen, Washington to Twilight's Forks, Washington. Both places have what Matthew Offenbacher, in his essay Green Gothic, calls a million shades of green. Matt goes on say this: In gothic stories landscape is destiny. A character's inner life is reflected by their surroundings. (So, as Twilight's Bella approaches Forks, her destiny is about to change.)

2 Bella's Journey To Forks,Washington :55

Now we are talking about the undead and the living, and that thin line between the two really getting together.

3 Buffy vs. Edward: Twilight Remixed, original version 6:03

This is about the appropriation and reconfiguration of materials, the creation of something new and unknown by taking elements from several sources and cobbling them together. Now we are in Frankenstein territory. This is what happens when Buffy meets Friends.

4 Buffy Friends Theme :36

And this is what happens when two Joss Whedon brain children collide. More Frankenstein.

5 Buffy-Dollhouse Opening :31

Buffy loved Angel, a vampire. Edward loves Bella. Love is scary. You could get your heart ripped out. This next song is sort of an intermission, to pause and reflect on how both sweet and terrifying it can be to give yourself over to something. To someone. Full of scariness. Again with the two sides of things, the light and the dark.

6 Katherine Hepburn's Voice: Crushin' Out 2:49

This last part is about endings, about death. And about how even the big bad has a bad day and could use a little tenderness sometimes.

7 Grr Argh :15

8 Mutant Enemy-overextended :04

9 Mutant Enemy Gushes :04

10 Amber Benson-Grr Argh :04

Gretchen Bennett's presentation was originally created for BrüTübe.

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